The Conscious Living Blueprint

Your free guide to making smarter, safer lifestyle choices  

Are you ready for a fresh approach to defining a healthy lifestyle? 

An approach that removes the rules, the perfection, the guilt and instead embraces grace, intention & cultivating your best self!

Here’s the good news... 

You don’t have to ‘do all the things’ or chase perfection to be healthy, you only have to intentionally choose to honor your body.

I’ve made it easy for you to get started on your conscious living journey with this blueprint as your guide.

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So what is Conscious Living?

Conscious living empowers you to make intentional choices with how you live your life: the mindset you practice daily, foods you eat and products you allow into your home.  

Conscious living pursues consistency rather than perfection and honors grace rather than hustle. It is a commitment to focusing on what matters most and believing that you can be your best self when you pour from a full cup.

A conscious woman takes the time to educate herself and chooses the best possible choice given her circumstances. 

Yes! I'm ready for conscious living!

Hi! I’m Caroline, wife, mama, NTP and lover of healthy living! I truly believe healthy living should be simple and doesn’t require perfection. All it takes is daily dose of gumption and a whole lot of grace for yourself along the way.  

I’m here to guide you in designing a life you LOVE today. You have questions and I have answers, so dive in and let’s get you flourishing with real purpose!  

Caroline Potter, NTP | Copyright 2019